Buenos Aires Bucket List

Buenos Aires Bucket List

I love, love, love Buenos Aires. I am so excited to have over a week to still spend there, since our first 4 days were not nearly enough to explore all of the colorful neighborhoods, chic restaurants and cool clubs. Unfortunately, Gareth has to leave me and return to work on Saturday night, but I am confident that I can traverse Bs As (as the locals call it) on my own, due to its extensive network of buses, subways and cabs. Here are some of the activities which I most look forward to in the “Paris of South America”:

  1. Rompiendo la discoteca

Rompiendo la discoteca, or literally “breaking the club” in Spanish, roughly equates to “balling out”. I am excited to party in a variety of different places, from the exclusive row of boliches on the water by the airport (Jet, Tequila and Pacha) to Niceto which was recommended to me by a Brooklyn-bred expat, to the nouveau-riche nightlife scene of Puerto Maduro, to Terrazas where we are going tonight. I need to start powernapping more in preparation, since most of these places don’t get started until 2AM or later.


(Pre-Pacha Bs As after a fresh blowout)

  1. Cheap blowouts

A luxurious head and scalp massage/hair cleaning followed by a blowout is ~$20 USD at most Bs As salons, less than half of the cost of a typically blowout bar in the tri-state area. Accordingly, I plan to get cheap blowouts every couple of days as needed, since straightening my own hair is one of my least favorite ways to waste 90 minutes of my life. Even though I just got my highlights done 2 weeks ago, I may also go for a rubia touch-up next week since it will be cheaper here than the states and my roots seem to grow in literally overnight.

  1. Art galleries and museums

MALBA, the contemporary/modern art museum of the city, is definitely on my to-do list, as well as an afternoon or two of gallery hopping. I would especially like to go to an opening, and have to do some research to see when/where to find one. I am also strongly considering a guided tour of the Buenos Aires graffiti scene, which is unparalled and fascinating from what I have seen so far.

  1. Vintage shopping

Some of the most amazing pieces I own(ed) have a vintage provenance, from the olive green 1950’s-era Balenciaga heels which I scored in high school and finally had to throw out a couple of years ago to the most sublime leather and gold belt that I got in Madrid last summer. I recently found a list of great -sounding shops which claim to stock stunning vintage designer pieces at somewhat reasonable prices as well as the gorgeous leather bags and jackets which are ubiquitous in Bs As. I will definitely do a post just on my shopping adventures, if I find anything worth coveting. Something like 30% of portenos (people from Bs As) are Italian immigrants, so I am crossing my fingers that I will stumble across donated Dolce and Gabbana, Prada and Versace once worn in the Old Country by glamorous nonnas.


(Beautiful and free architecture in La Recoleta)

  1. Architecture porn

Buenos Aires is a really spread-out city, and what looks to be close on a map sometimes takes 45 minutes by taxi. That said, I havent’t explored as many neighborhoods as I would like, sticking mostly to Alto Palermo or El Centro. However, before Gareth leaves, I want to go to the somewhat dangerous but extremely striking area of La Boca, known internationally for its brightly hued houses. I also want to do deeper explorations of Recoleta, Villa Crespo, Caballitos, San Telmo, Palermo Hollywood/Soho and Puerto Maduro. Any other neighborhoods which I should visit?

AMENDMENT: No longer going to La Boca, as we heard of numerous armed robberies of tourists, even during the day there. We want Instagram shots, not gunshots please.


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