Getting Trolled In Bariloche

Getting Trolled in Bariloche

After a few surreal, amazing days in Buenos Aires, we flew to Bariloche and since then it seems as though we have been non-stop trolled. Here are a few examples of U Mad?-type situations which we have encountered:

1) Circuito Chico

Despite being quite aware of how out of shape we both are, I insisted on us trying to bike the 30+ kilometers of Circuito “Chico” (in quotation marks because chico means small, and this route was not). We were picturing beautiful bike-only paths in the woods leading to secret beaches and stunning vistas, but we were wrong. The secret beaches and stunning vistas allegedly exist, but we did not get to see them since we were too busy trying not to get mowed down on our mountain bikes while navigating a tiny dirt patch flanked dually by hairpin turns and multiple lanes of crazy South American drivers. In between nearly getting pitched to the ground every 3 seconds due to the rocks and dirt and nearly getting smashed every 12 seconds by Bariloche local buses swerving blindly around each corner, we swiftly decided to take refuge at a private beach club which we deftly snuck into and had lunch at, in lieu of completing the Circuito Chico. It actually ended up being a great (albeit humbling) afternoon as we hung around the lake surrounded by cute Golden Retrievers, children loudly playing Marco Polo in Spanish and one another. However, we definitely felt a little trolled by the Circuito Chico and its promise of a peaceful, scenic bike ride. Also, we appropriately put a halt on our dreams of a white water rafting trip to Chile as we were forced to confront our embarrassing lack of physical fitness on our brief bike journey. We are now planning to do little more than kayak, find a secret beach to skinny-dip in and eat more famous Bariloche chocolate.


LAN (and American Airlines, as it’s ~partner~) have managed to fuck up every aerial leg of our journey so far and we hate them. The bureaucratic details are boring, but FUCK LAN sums up the resulting feelings pretty well.

3) Bariloche Airport

Bariloche has 2 taxis servicing the entire airport. Yes, 2. Apparently everyone takes the public bus, except us, because we are bratty Americans with too much luggage. Sorry. I discovered this transportation monopoly when I tried to negotiate for a better rate, only to find that there were  literally no other taxis. Anywhere. Adios, 120 pesos. #trollface

Even though we have definitely felt trolled a bit in the past day or so, it is hard to stay enojado for long. We love our gorgeous Airbnb rental which is overlooking the lake and are definitely enjoying each others company without distraction. I’m pretty excited to move on to Punta Del Este (the Miami-meets-Hamptons of South America) followed by crazy beautiful and crazy fun Buenos Aires again, but hopefully we will find more lazy ways to have fun in Bariloche while we are still here.

PS. There are no photos accompanying this blog, as the Macbook began trolling me as soon as we arrived in Bariloche by not reading my memory card, and my work computer doesn’t fit with any of the outlets here. Fingers crossed that it starts working again once we leave Bad Luck Bariloche.


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