Before I moved to Miami, I associated the city with all of the typical SoBe cliches. Yes, there is a plethora of EDM, Eurotrash and extreme plastic surgery… All of which I can appreciate in moderation. However, the more time I spend here, the more cool and diverse people and neighborhoods I encounter.


(The signature works of Miami street artist AholSniffsGlue can be found everywhere from The Standard Miami to the streets of Wynwood)

Fortunately, I was introduced to Wynwood (the coolest of these non-SB neighborhoods) within a few weeks of moving here, as I was part of a committee planning a social event at one of the neighborhood’s most popular restaurants, R House.


(R House brunch… Beware the bottomless mimosas)

Not only is Wynwood an emerging culinary center for the city, it is also a thriving arts community.

The late Miami visionary Tony Goldman created the graffiti-strewn Wynwood Walls, which served as the catalyst for making Wynwood the next center of contemporary (and quintessentially) Miami art. The street-art saturated walls bring the Instagram crowd from their apartments at The Waverly to the formerly industrial complex, now festooned with works by artists like Shepard Fairey and Space Invader.


(Farrah is #alwaysstrapped in S. Weitzman when she hits the Walls)

Wynwood is also a fun area for going out, especially if you’re into a more hipster (ugh, I hate that word but it’s appropriate) scene. Wood Tavern is perpetually flooded with ~young~ people and I have witnessed the party still going at 4AM on multiple Sunday nights.


(A Sunday evening in September 2014. Location: Wood Tavern)

Shots Miami has a mixed crowd which varies between sleek Louboutin queens to tatted-up-and-loving-it cliques to “celebrating my cousin Myrna’s 46th birthday!!!” chicas. However, this type of diversity can definitely be a palate cleanser after the routine South Beach/STORY/LIV scene. Plus the Shots DJ is sometimes really on point with rap throwbacks to make you back dat ass up (though sometimes…not).

During III Points, I had the cheapest drinks of my life ($3 wine! $1 beers!) at Brick House, and made some new friends at the bar too. It’s not exactly Casa Tua in terms of the ambiance, but perfect for slinging back super cheap drinks in a friendly environment.


(Doing my thang to some old school Ludacris at Shots)

Other than R House, there are many other delicious places to grab a bite. Wynwood Kitchen & Bar (with the Wynwood Walls located nearly in situ) is a favorite while Jay and Bey were spotted at Joey’s. The Wynwood Diner, which recently FINALLY opened, is a great place to patronize if you plan to never reach your goal weight, while conversely, Jugofresh’s acai bowls are ideal for having something visually appealing to share with your ~fit fam~ on social media.

If you’re into celebrity scoping while caffeinating, Josh is known to stalk A. Rod at Panther Coffee. It is the place to go if you like to make your lattes into an artistic and academic experience, and also experience the highest ratio of flannel/topiary-inspired hipster beards in all of South Florida.


(Panther Coffee. Bring your Macbook Air and your most experimental cafe desires. This ain’t your abuela’s Hialeah cafecito joint.)

In short, Wynwood is a can’t-miss area of Miami and continued development promises greater things to come. Especially for Basel!


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