New Year, New Shoe Splurge

We are just about 3 full days into 2016, so hopefully you have already made some progress on your resolution(s). If you have that post-tax refund, or some extra Hannukah gelt hanging around, why not treat yourself to a new pair of chic kicks?

Regardless of what you’ve resolved to refine/augment/scale back on, I have you covered re: how to stylishly step into your best 2016 self…

[All selections from the current Net-A-Porter post-holiday sale]

If your resolution is to…TRAVEL MORE

“I haven’t ever left Dade County/Florida/the South/the continental U.S., pero, like, I really want to, like, travel more”

I feel like I hear that all of the time from people in Miami and it’s hard not to roll my eyes. If you want to travel more, do it. Save miles, stop Starbucks-ing excessively, don’t lease a BMW when you work at Chicken Kitchen, etc. I have friends from every income strata who manage to travel regularly (and there’s countless blogs out there with tips and ideas for how to ~make it work~). So, if that’s your resolution, there isn’t an excuse this year.

If finances are less of a concern and you’ve merely been lazy about finding the time to fly, these are my picks for flight-friendly wardrobe editions:


Demi croc-effect leather slip on sneakers, Jimmy Choo ($525 -> $368)

I saw a 14 year old wearing these at Miami International Airport the other day, and was jealous AF.



Gommino textured-leather loafers, Tod’s ($495 -> $297)

Time to elevate the Sperry’s. I am obsessed with these in a light rose.

If your resolution is to… MEET BAE


Gemini suede slippers, Charlotte Olympia ($695 -> $487)

Why wear your heart on your sleeve, when you could wear your star sign on your feet instead? If you want further celestial guidance, consider downloading Align. It’s a Tinder-inspired app created by 2 trendy LA witches (really!), which promises to find you a girl/boyfriend, based on astrology.


Sandals in studded black leather, Givenchy ($1,750 -> $875)

“It is always by way of pain, that one arrives at pleasure” – Marquis de Sade

One might wonder if Hubert Givenchy, a man also bearing an aristocratic, French provenance, would agree with the Marquis de Sade’s sentiment above. If your goal is to find bae, be aware that the path won’t necessarily be pain-free, and that you might need a really amazing pair of studded sandals to give you ~strength~.




Coline feather-embellished satin sandals, Giuseppe Zanotti ($1525 -> $768)

Do you and don’t hold back vis-a-vis this feathery footwear, rife with metaphorical significance re: ~soaring high~ and ~showing your true colors~. For the full look, pair with something sophisticated and light, like this or this.


Crystal-embellished satin shoes, Miu Miu ($995 -> $498)

To be more beveled and bright than the decor at Bâoli’s weekly My Boyfriend’s Out of Town bash.

If your resolution is to… GET A PROMOTION AT WORK

As Heidi Montag taught us, a girl (and her career) are just as hot as the shoes she Choos(e).


Mei patent-leather pump, Jimmy Choo ($595 -> $417)

I have iterations of the above from Zara and Steve Madden, but the former desperately need to be replaced and the latter are a little too high to classify as comfortable. Adding these to my vision board, stat ^^^


Darylin suede pumps, Jimmy Choo ($696 -> $487)

This suede pair is super-versatile and polished. Slayyyy (that performance review).

If your resolution is to… BE MORE CULTURED


Mosaic, glossed-leather wedge sandals, Charlotte Olympia ($1,395 -> $698)

Sorry, Nari Ward… The girl wearing these will get the most attention at the next PAMM party.


Crystal-embellished suede ankle boots, Dolce and Gabbana ($1545 -> $927)

If you’re more of a drama dilettante, channel a Fellini femme fatale in these gorgeous boots.

If your resolution is to… GO TO THE GYM/LOSE WEIGHT

Ah, the most cliché of resolutions. I saved it for last, though it is probably the first priority of most.


Dual fusion TR 3 mesh and neoprene sneakers, Nike ($75 -> $45)

The above sneakers are currently on their way to my house. There are tons of other shades and styles still available too.


Python-paneled leather hightop sneakers, Gucci ($655 -> $328)

I actually considered buying these as well, but I worried that I would be secretly stressed about getting them dirty, hence devaluing my experience of #sweatingfortheselfie. After all, Runyon Canyon is pretty dusty. At 50% off though, they are a steal.



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