Read From Bed: January 15, 2016

SORRY THAT I HAVE BEEN SLACKING AT MY SECOND JOB AS ~UNIMPORTANT YET SELF IMPORTANT BLOGGER~. My real job has been super cray as of late, and I am also trying to be ~fit AF~, which is a very significant project unto itself.

In the midst of it all, I have read some interesting articles this week, which you also may enjoy:

So basically, I could own a shitty car, or I could have almost 3 years worth of #blonde selfies

All I really want is this house though…

Or a Birkin. God, I want a Birkin. These tips are a little insane, but apparently the bag is projected to increase in value by +14% YoY, which is a lot more than any of my other investments?

Sorry, paps. I stalked him at our NY office and Blue Fin FIRST. #hearteyesemoji

In case you needed another compelling reason to fly off to Firenze ❤

Stalk me next week and tell me I look skinnier





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