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I refuse to pay full price for any expensive article of clothing or accessory. I feel like you can always find something amazing (and often, the precise item you want) for 60% off, or more, if you are patient and/or smart about shopping.
I have a decent amount of designer things but all of them are from The Outnet, Yoox, Gilt, Neiman Marcus/Saks/Nordstrom sales or outlets, or are vintage. I think the only time I paid full price for something designer was my CdG wallet in Tokyo, and that was still a steal because, as a foreigner, I didn’t have to pay taxes on it.
As a bona fide bargain hunter, my favorite city for shopping is Chicago. The Nordstrom Rack in The Loop often has the best finds. I literally had to stop trying things on, because everything was fitting and I WANTED IT ALL.
I was expecting to gain a little weight on this trip, because duh, I am traveling.
But yesterday I was shocked and really excited when I stopped on the scale to find out that I’ve officially lost 30 pounds since last March.

While I still need to lose another 20-30 pounds, I am over halfway to my goal, which is exciting AF. I’ve literally lost the equivalent of Maxine off of my body. Now I just need to lose 2 Madeline’s too.


[Madeline and Max: weight loss barometers]
It’s not like I generally need a reason, but this event in particular called for a little celebratory shopping on Michigan Ave and beyond. Let’s say that I spent about $10 for every pound I’ve lost so far. BUT, my total would’ve been closer to $30 for every pound that I lost, if I weren’t such a bargain shopper.

+ 30 lbs:


-30 lbs:


Just 20-30 more pounds to go…
Anywayyy, these were my buys:
Nordstrom Rack
1) My best bargain of the day award unequivocally goes to these BCBG Max Azria shorts. Originally $128, I snagged them for $11.98!!!! I literally spend more on non-fat lattes in one day (#basicbetch), so this was a no brainer. I think these would be perfect to wear to an outdoor PAMM party, paired with nude, woven espadrilles and a tailored white shirt, to balance out the strong print.


[Snakeskin AF #iminmiamibetch]
2) I tend to lose 2-4 pairs of designer sunglasses per year, depending on my level of inebriation and/or number of workplace distractions in my Uber. I recently misplaced my favorite Chloe pair, and it’s been driving me crazy.



These Pradas were marked down to $90, from $250, so I couldn’t resist inviting them to fill my Phoebe Philo-induced void.

[Note, it was a hard decision between Prada, Balmain, Tom Ford, Gucci, or Valentino shades. Nordstrom Rack had a ton of really cool frames, and most of them were in normal colors like black or brown, which can be rare for a discount store. In Miami, usually all you will find are, like, acid orange Raybans. So, if you’re a sunglasses freak like me, ven ya.]
3) This gray hoodie from the men’s department wasn’t necessarily an amazing bargain, as it is by some random brand (Threads 4 Thought). However, it was only $25 (down from an alleged $60) and it is super soft and flattering. Also, it is a size Small, which gives me a false sense of being SMALL. #whatswrongwithbeingconfident #evenifitsanillusion #retailmarketing101AF #athleisurematrix


[The Robby Carre circa 2011 aesthetic, plus cleav]


4) I also bought regular black Joe’s Jeans for $50, down from $250. Yasssss kween.

1) I’m really into anything tweedy and Chanel-inspired, so this boxy and semi-cropped top immediately caught my attention. I had tried it on before, but now it was at an even bigger discount. I’m not sure of the exact price, but I think it was $20 down from $60 or something like that.


2) One of my favorite blazers is a blue velvet J. Crew blazer, which retails every season for about $250, and which I purchased at a thrift store in NYC for $12. I’ve been looking for a similar black one for awhile, and couldn’t believe that Zara was selling this one for just $20 (???) Originally it was around the $100 price point, so a major steal! #keyemoji It looks cropped in the photo but on my just under 5’2″ self, it’s not…LOL

3) SOMEHOW, I forgot to pack heels in my suitcase, so I grabbed these lil stilettos to wear to a dinner I attended. I am not a huge fan of Zara shoes, and don’t find them to typically be the most comfortable or well-made. But for $50, these will suffice.

Update: after wearing them twice, they’re already pretty scuffed, BUT they made my legs look skinnier and look like S. Weitzman Nudist dupes, so WHO CARES.


[Their first outing at Catch, where we sat next to Dev Windsor and salivated the entire time #girlcrushing]
4) Lastly, I bought this hunter green going out dress for about $36. It fit perfectly and I love the faux suede material.


[At my new arch hotel, ~the Kitano~. The only decent element was the bathroom, as seen here. Also, wore the shoes again ^^^]


[Here you can actually see the verde color a little better]



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  1. Robby Carre says:

    Who wore my 2011 look better? Probably you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. cmdstyle says:

    You have better legs, but I have better (.)(.) so I think it’s a tie


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