You Betta Werk: Monster Cycle

I am so obsessed with this workout, that I skipped going to ~the third party~ on Friday night (much to my date’s chagrin, sorry!), so that I could make sure I was awake in time for class. #dedicated4mahfitness

I just knew I was going to love it, and I wasn’t wrong.

The inside of the studio is like an Alexander McQueen store meets sex dungeon meets cLuB. Basically, it’s aesthetic as fuck.


[The free condom dispenser was a nice touch, since basically everyone there was effable]

Speaking of the opposite of acidic, their business cards say “Don’t be basic”, and there is definitely more of a grunge/goth/glam vibe than your average Delta Gamma approved workout studio. That said, I would say my fellow classmates were majority model betches with a couple of token finance bros, and not primarily #healthgoth, as one may have expected. But, I got the feeling that everyone is, and would be, welcome here.

I signed up for the MIA and Friends ride, which I wrongly assumed was either a) an homage to the 305 or b) a ride live DJed by Mia Moretti. In actuality, it was a themed ride for M.I.A., of “Paper Planes” fame, which ended up being super fun too.

The room was 90% dark, so it was easy to get drawn fully into the experience and music. Unlike other studios, there are screens which projected the music videos at the front of the room, which helped me to really get into the songs. My instructor, Demetre, had great energy and did an amazing job of choreographing the routine to different parts of the songs, so the ride felt intuitive and pushed you harder.

The class wasn’t easy, and Demetre regularly called out different RPMs/resistance changes. However, the focus seemed more on feeling the music and getting into the vibe, which I really liked.

The room was really hot and felt pretty Bikram-esque. This didn’t bother me though, because it made me sweat more than I ever had in a cycling class.


[Mean streetz of SoHo]

My only critiques of the experience are that the studio changing area is pretty cramped (but it’s in SoHo, aka land of $$$$/sq foot), that you have to buy $2 shoes, and that there were only 2 showers. That said, these are minor gripes, which are pretty typical for most boutique studios.

All in all, it was the perfect way to kick off my weekend, and I am dying (pUn iNteNdEd] for them to expand to other cities.



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