Guest Post: Five Years of Spain


Originally posted on Freethought Global

“It has been five years since I lived and studied in Sevilla, Spain. I was reminiscing tonight with one of my best friends who I met for the first time in Madrid, only hours after arriving in our new country. She asked me to help carry her luggage up the stairs because the hotel didn’t have an operable lift, and her suitcases, saturated with designer clothing, doubled her body weight. There was no way of knowing that this moment would become a metaphor of our friendship five years later.

There are countless aspects of my life that began in Spain. The things I value most today can be traced with a dotted line back to something I experienced during those five months. There was an energy that made time seem irrelevant, and I witnessed that energy gleaming from each of my friends. When any of those same people decide to call or FaceTime me today, from however many thousands of miles away, it’s impossible to ignore the energy that resurfaces.

It’s something that is carried with us in our everyday lives. It’s the driving force that took all of the inspiration from our five months of living in a city that has more history and culture than one person can possibly absorb in a lifetime, and manifested itself into all of our personal and professional endeavors over the last five years.

I don’t get to see these friends often enough, but that’s partially because we’re all still conquering the world with the momentum that we carried back with us from Spain. Spain isn’t just the country that we lived in. Spain is the omnipresent energy that we radiate and that we attract. I’ve put Spain into my work and my relationships over the last five years which has resulted in the best five years of my life. I hope everyone finds their Spain.”


About the author:

Freethought Global is a Seattle-based lifestyle blog focusing on music, travel, and technology from the perspective of creator, Robby Carre. Originally a journal to post personal experiences and ideas, Freethought Global has evolved into a place to share new discoveries and spark conversation.


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