Kanye Attitude, Drake Feelings (Or: Welcome To The World, Beatrix!)

Look at the back of the plane, all the way to the last row. Crunched against the window seat, 30F, surrounded by a swarm of big cowboy hats and even bigger hair, that’s where you will find me.

I’m not sure how the Texans currently encircling me on this American Airlines flight from Dallas will respond to my tears (large displays of sympathy? disgust?), so I am trying to be as subtle as possible. Regardless of their response, I don’t really care, because I can’t help how I feel today.

Today is such a day of happiness. It is the first full day of life for Beatrix Elaine Diamond. I love her already, even though I won’t get to meet her until Saturday.

What a gift it is to be able to cry tears of joy, instead of sadness… To be so overwhelmed with happiness and excitement and love.

Phoebe is my only friend who I would say is stronger than me, in terms of sheer force of will. I don’t think I have ever seen her cry, except at her wedding (and maybe during that movie about Persian immigrants that she made me watch in 2004). No matter what Phoebe wants, she goes out and gets it, and in over 16 years of friendship, I have never doubted that she wouldn’t make each and every one of her dreams come true.

Motherhood has been something which she unequivocally wanted in her life, since the days when we traded Abercrombie & Fitch jean skirts and ran a questionable 5th grade online newspaper. Phoebe’s role, at the age of 10, for said publication was the advice columnist; even then, she was someone who others looked up to as a leader, and source of wisdom.

Beatrix Elaine is the luckiest little girl in the world to have a mom like Phoebe. A mom smart enough to pick an amazing partner to be her father, a mom who puts forth tremendous effort into each area of her life: family, career, and friendship. Most importantly, a mom who will cherish and support her with a fierce intensity, yet never allow her to settle into mediocrity.

Without question, tiny Beatrix will grow to be a beautiful and formidable tour de force in her own right, and I am so lucky to witness that journey. Welcome to the world, Beatrix Elaine Diamond!




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