11 Days, 1 Carry-On

I am about to begin day 8 of an 11 day trip across 3 cities, staying in 5 different hotels/friends’ apartments/Airbnbs, living solely** out of a carry-on suitcase.

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[Friends forever lending fun flannel items… Thank you, Robby!]

Generally, I wait until the morning before my trip to pack, and then grab an assortment of things, and pray that I didn’t forget anything major. Such as my penultimate trip to NYC, when I forgot a coat and had to buy one which I didn’t even particularly like for $150 at Zara, because it was so freezing.

Since I started working out, packing is particularly a challenge, since I am attempting to source clothing for 3 key categories now: date/going out looks, workout wear, AND office attire.

Based on those categories, I will assess myself, and also make some recommendations on what worked and didn’t work.

Note that I wasn’t planning to do this feature at all when I packed over a week ago, so my packing did not possess any sort of bias… It was truly random and ~authentic~ to my frenetic packing style.

Date/Going Out Looks:

-1 nude bra

-1 red bra

-6* new dresses which I haven’t worn yet, so not photographing them (yet!). They are from Zara, Asos, Kendall & Kylie (LOL but cute, I swear), Forever 21, and Topshop

-1 new top from H&M, seen here. An emotional purchase after a disturbingly difficult Core Fusion Extreme class at the Exhale Spa in Flatiron. Fun fact: this top only cost $1 more than my post-workout green smoothie at a random bodega.

-This look which I wore to Soho House in West Hollywood… The dress is by Marciano, coat by Topshop vis-a-vis Nordstrom, shoes from Lord & Taylor, and bag is See by Chloe

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-This look which I wore to Nobu in West Hollywood… Dress and shoes by Asos and coat stolen from Robby, but by Gap. He thought it looked bad at first, but by the end of the night, I had convinced him that it ~werked~.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Workout Wear:

-A blue Forever21 tank which I’ve loved since 2011 and was sadly left behind at a hotel. Last documented here:


-A blue Ravenclaw tee shirt that I stole from my sister (since obviously, I am a Slytherin)

-3 sports bras (1 black from Forever 21, one gray/green one from Forever 21, and 1 blue one from Target

-2 pairs of socks

-1 pair of black Nike sneakers (though most of my workouts were with rented spin shoes]

-7 thongs

-7 pairs of leggings or yoga pants from Forever 21/Target in assorted colors and prints

-Black Mi Telemundo tee shirt

-Red Victoria’s Secret tanktop reading “BETTER SORE THAN SORRY” (try to not go extra hard in class while wearing it)

-Ombré cut out tank top from Forever 21

-Black Brian Lichtenberg Prada/Party Animal tank

-Black baggy Brian Lichtenberg Feline sweatpants

-1 gray hoodie from Old Navy that I stole from an ex

-1 gray tee shirt from Old Navy that I stole from a guy I met in Japan (sensing a theme? Also, if you’re reading this, I want to come visit you in SF soon, M!)

-This look, which was my LA post-workout, I-don’t-want-to-wear-anything-tight-because-I-am-so-relaxed-and-zen-from-endorphins vibe:


[Dress from a random store in Buenos Aires, crotchet kimono from my grandma, bag by Stella McCartney, and shoes by Jack Rogers]

Office Attire:

If you can’t tell, my company is a lot more casual in terms of office attire than my prior one was. This was my go-to outfit for meetings all week…I was in different markets, so I didn’t mind repeating the look.

Sometimes I swapped the tan BCBG Max Azria suede top for a different stretchy black Lord & Taylor shell.


[Tweedy blazer and jeans by Zara, suede top by BCBG Max Azria, flats by Lord and Taylor]

I also wore this same outfit to walk around the Getty Villa in Malibu on the weekend, and traded the business loafers for snakeskin Zara sandals.

By the way, I am SO obsessed with the jeans portion of this look, and Zara is still selling them! They are total Balmain knock-offs, and beyond comfortable. Go buy now, unless you’re the type of person who accessorizes with Michael Kors.

 Overall Packing Takeaways/Tips:

-Should’ve definitely packed more socks, considering I worked out almost every day. By day 3 or 4 of my trip, I was just going sock-less

-^^^Same re: packing more thongs/sports bras. I don’t even own 10 sports bras or pairs of socks though, tbh

-Red bra was a dumb call, because you can see it through some shirts

-It would’ve been nice to have a second, more classic black blazer or even my white blazer, to mix up the ~office looks~. But having 2 blazers somehow always feels 282% more cumbersome to shlep around, than just one

-Probably did not need so many going out dresses, but it was nice to have options!

-Glad I packed the See by Chloe clutch, as my Stella is too day/colorful for evening looks

-Perhaps should’ve brought a more formal office look i.e. shift dress, tights and black heels, but I knew I wouldn’t need it for the meetings I had scheduled

What would you have done differently? Should I buy a bigger suitcase, or just change my strategy for the next trip? Or, is asking these types of questions to your readers a fruitless and embarrassing exercise (similar to me attempting to use gliders at CFX in Flatiron?)



* Dad, don’t call me and lecture me on financial responsibility, kthx. Everything was on sale and is an investment in my ~personal branding~ !!!111!!

** Except when I steal various items from my friend, Robby, as noted.


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