An Analysis of Vibes and Spring 16 Virtual Vision Board/Archetypes

“That shirt is so your  vibe”

“Her Instagram is not my vibe, ew”

“I’m literally obsessed with this baroque villa vibe”

Those are the types of (cringe-worthy?) Millennial statements which Robby and I could not stop uttering whilst in LA. Sound familiar?

Robby’s vibes are definitely different than mine; lots of PNW nature porn, flannel, trendy technology sh!t, male streetwear accessories, and underground music concerts.

Though those things may not resonate with *me*, I can recognize/appreciate from afar his own unique vibe.

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[Domestic tasks are NOT my vibe, but black leather always is!]

My more seasoned, Gen X readers may be wondering, what exactly is a vibe?

More importantly, how do you know what is and isn’t your vibe?

I’ve always been a very intuitive person. Even though I often ignore(d) my intuition, when I do opt to pay attention, I read people well and can tell who is/was good for me, who wasn’t, and what their intentions are/were, sometimes to the point where it seems like I am almost psychic.

This same type of intuitive approach applies to discovering your vibe.

A case study in chic vibes (which I will submit to HBS soon):

A few weeks ago, I signed up for a new boot camp class in Wynwood, and randomly got there almost an hour early. This gave me the perfect excuse to pop into Style Mafia’s new brick and mortar store, which is in the same complex.

As soon as I walked in, I spotted the most amazing vintage shoes. They were my vibe!!!


When I got closer, I realized they were Dolce & Gabbana, from the same collection that I had posted all over my latest vision board.

“How much are they?”, I immediately asked, expecting an answer close to their original ~$1600 price tag. When they told me how much they would sell them to me for, I literally made them repeat the answer multiple times. They were basically free, compared to the original price tag. Not only that, they were a size and a half bigger than my normal size, yet magically fit me!

So, is there a Deity of Chic, guiding my soul to insane runway deals? Maybe so. Or, perchance, when something is just your vibe, when something is truly meant for you, you will know.

I do think that the Universe  loves it when we go balls to the walls (sorry, Dad) and tell it exactly what we need. Or, as I am bound to do, demand what we need.

That’s why I typically make a quarterly vision board, which sets my vibe and reminds me of what I am striving for. My most recent board, made in late December or early January, has lots of fitness pictures, Architectural Digest and Conde Nast Traveler-sourced interior design porn, gorg models, and yes, images from the Dolce & Gabbana collection which I now own a part of.

In the past quarter, I’ve completed 53 classes through Classpass (plus a handful of Soulcycle/Barry’s Bootcamp/random gym workouts), visited LA (x3)/NYC (x3)/Dallas (x2)/Chicago/Colombia, and surrounded myself with lots of beautiful (inside and out!) people. So, the Universe has done a pretty good job at helping me to set and keep my vibe for Q1 of 2016. But, as April approaches, I want to set a new vibe.

Indoor cycling has become a critical part of my vibe this past quarter, which is something I never would’ve expected, but LOVE. Although it is mostly a physical activity, I absolutely attend for the spiritual and mental component too.

While I was doing my first 60 minute Rip Ride class at Revolve yesterday, our instructor reminded us during a strenuous part that “everything in life is a cycle. Do you want to keep coming back to the difficult things, or take a moment to change your energy and start a new cycle?”

While I am taking a moment now to start a new cycle, a new vibe, a new quarter, and a new season, I also found myself drawn back to my original vision board (and the OG genesis of my blog) today, my Tumblr.

I was surprised to see how much I still aligned with things/moods/vibes I loved when I was 21/22, at a very different part of my life. From my past Tumblr and some current vibes, I devised a couple of archetypes which I am obsessed with and want to carry into the next quarter as my Q2 virtual vision board:

Unapologetic Bitch Vibes

This vibe is inspired by a scary incident which happened on my way to LA. My plane had an intense amount of turbulence, and suddenly, we had to descend 10,000 feet rapidly to get out of a storm. The whole plane was quiet, and I was pretty scared. I kept looking at the flight attendants to see if they were calm or freaking out too (one of them later told me she was also scared!)

Not sure of how things would play out, I sent my Mom a quick goodbye message and reminded her how much I love her/my family and to please take care of Max (which is weird, because had I had been thinking straight, I would’ve messaged my Dad instead, because I feel like my Mom couldn’t handle that type of thing as well).

Although I was definitely not ready to die, it made me pause and think if there was anyone else I needed to send a last message to. Though I would like to spend many more rotations on this great, green earth, if I had to go tomorrow, I believe I’ve lived my life pretty authentically. I’ve told people when I’ve loved them and missed them, and tried to be as genuine as possible about what was in my heart, whether good or bad.

Even if others didn’t always approve of the way I dressed, who I dated, what I said, how I said it, or any other aspect of my life, I do believe that I have (more or less) lived my life for me, and for the people who matter most to me.

While it wasn’t fun to go through a scary plane experience, I was grateful afterward, because I realized that I truly don’t have any regrets or any last apologies. I am far from perfect, but when it comes to the relationships in my life, I’ve been me to the end.

This is the vibe of an unapologetic bitch.




[Kate Moss for Louis Vuitton]


[Robby and I saw Alicia Silverstone with her son outside of Barry’s Bootcamp in Hollywood… our one ~celeb sighting~, and she honestly had the best aura/vibe ever!]


[BB <3]


[Breaking the Internet is vibes]

Spooky Betch Vibes

If you want to take an out of this world cycling class in NYC, you have to try Erika’s class at The Monster Cycle. She mostly plays JPop/KPop and even though I tend to be a Champagne Papi purist, I get so into her music.

One of the songs she played in our last class was this weird AF jam with a music video featuring dancing anime-style ghosts and goblins and pumpkins and stuff like that. At one point she turned off all the lights and yelled, “IN CASE YOU HAVEN’T HEARD, I’M THE RESIDENT SPOOKY BITCH AROUND HERE”, and I was just like yassssss.






[K. Dunst as a goth Marie Antoinette]


[Dsquared2 x2]


[Alexander McQueen+Kate]


[All I care about are Margiela masks, and like 5 people]

Cait the Ornate Vibes

My Dad always calls me ~Cait the Great~, but lately my vibe is more toward the ornate.

Game recognize game, go hard or go home, and most importantly, ALL BALMAIN EVERYTHING (except not really, because I also like some other baroque/OTT vibes too).


[But first, Balmain]


[Christian Lacroix Couture/Semana Santa vibesssssssss]


[Arguably, my favorite going out dress ever. #balmain]


[Versace Barbie is ALWAYS a vibe]


[“Sevilla”, styled by Carine Roitfeld and shot by Mario Testino. Ugh. Perfection.]


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