Doing Dallas: How To Attempt To Have Fun In The Lone-Star State

Okay, so a lot has been going on, and I have sort of (entirely?) neglected my blog. It started to feel like yet another thing on my to-do list between working a full time job, constant travel, daily Soulcycle workouts, dog MILF-ing, managing the operations of my townhouse by myself, etc.

It was always intended to be something fun, and it was starting to feel like an obligation, so I took a little break!

But I am back, and ready to discuss D A L L A S.


[In the state of Lone Star, I’m the only feminist liberal at the bar]

As I have mentioned before, Dallas is not my favorite city. It lacks the verve/glamour/sublime nature of my top travel spots.

Instead, it is a pretty boring place with lots of mega-churches and fast food restaurants and strip malls, often populated by chauvinists wearing cowboy hats and their airhead, uber-blonde accessories.

But, don’t despair.

If you find yourself frequently in Dallas, as I do, there are some cool things to check out. Here are my top 5 recommendations:

5) W Hotel Victory

The W Hotel Victory is one of the nicest W Hotels which I have stayed at to date. It is very big and airy, and has some interesting areas such as the lobby, which juxtaposes fruit infused water stations and healthy snacks with miniature farm animals and truck toys stuck into the wall in a tongue-in-cheek agricultural array.


[The bedding was definitely my vibe! #blondeprincessemoji]

However, unlike other W Hotels, there isn’t really a communal bar or after-hours hang out. Since Dallas is so spread out geographically, it would be nice to have somewhere cool to chill in situ but they haven’t leveraged their ample space into anything of note.

The rooftop pool seems like it would be the ideal locale for ~young people~ to congregate, but the few times I have visited, it was literally empty.


[Representing Bey all by myself, because no other Hive members were staying at this hotel]

Robby and I crashed an LA Fashion Week Party (LOLOL) at Loft, the W Hollywood rooftop, and I’ve also been on a date there. Both times, there were a ton of people and some degree of ~ambiance~. I am not sure why the Texas iteration of the chain doesn’t attempt to replicate the same nightlife model here.

4) Deep Ellum

This is the aspiring hipster neighborhood of Dallas. Since I am not someone who takes too many pictures of architecture in Brooklyn while supplementing my 38K income with hefty donations from my affluent parents so I can buy lots of Urban Outfitters and Supreme, it wasn’t my native environment. But it was interesting to explore for a night.

Filament is located in the area, along with a bunch of dive bars. We popped into most of them, but there wasn’t too much going on mid-week.

The most notable feature of the neighborhood was the array of colorful residents trying to solicit money from partygoers.

We, meaning myself and a handful of mid-level to executive-level media personnel, were literally stalked by a woman in a wheelchair as we walked from bar to bar, and it felt very Texas Chainsaw Massacre-esque. I can still hear her ominous squeak in my head. We were also accosted by a very performative man who told us a well-rehearsed, long story about how he wasn’t going to ask for money, and then asked for money.

While this isn’t an area which I would rave about, it was a definitive change of pace from the typical Texas strip mall sprawl, which was appreciated.

3) Filament

Near-death in Deep Ellum was worth it, if only for the food at Filament.

I am not typically someone who craves ~soul food~. If I am going to stray from ~clean eating~, it will be for pizza or ice cream, not grits and biscuits. At least that’s what I thought before Filament.

Our table couldn’t stop ordering servings of their amazingly rich grits, which managed to be both savory and smooth. We also enjoyed other vegetarian-friendly small plates such as hoppin’ john, buttermilk-smashed potatoes, and cauliflower gratin. For my main course, the chef custom-made me a vegetarian “steak”, which the carnivores in my party also approved of.


[How to undo multiple Soulcycle classes in 1 meal: a primer]

If you want to sample succulent Southern hospitality, for both meat-eaters and vegetarians alike, Filament is a worthwhile stop.

2) Cryotherapy

My team still laughs about how I “get freeze dried” whenever I go to Texas. But I love cryotherapy! How else can you burn hundreds of calories (aka one serving of grits) in mere minutes? It’s the perfect solution for the time-crunched business traveler!

I go to CryoZone in Dallas, and I recommend it highly. The staff is always extremely personable and professional. The only difficult thing is finding the location, but if you call, they will give you very detailed directions (hint: it is next to Toy Maven).

This latest trip, I did a 3 minute cryo session as soon as I landed, and that was pretty killer. My entire lower body was frozen, as in,  I couldn’t feel my thighs or ass at all for a few minutes afterward. The next day, I switched back to my usual 2 minutes and that was a lot more manageable.

But who knows. Maybe one day, I will achieve Yolanda Foster-esque cryo-mastery and be able to sustain multiple long freezes in one day.

1) NYLO South Side

Even though the W Hotel is more of a ~brand name~, I love staying at the NYLO South Side, because it has the youngest and trendiest scene of anywhere I’ve visited across many trips to Dallas.

My room is always suite-sized and giant, with exposed brick walls, a giant bed, and fun art. The lobby is colorful, and the staff is super friendly.


[After the party, it’s the hotel lobby]

The rooftop pool area is peaceful by day and a ~scene~ by night. There are great views of the Dallas skyline, and the people watching is worthwhile.


[Roof @ night]

My only gripe is that sometimes it is noisy, depending on where your room is in relation to the street. Also, it isn’t part of a loyalty program, the way that a W Hotel or other chain would be.

That said, the rooftop just about makes up for any inconvenience, as it is the best place I’ve discovered thus far in the City of Zzz.

If you have any other/better recommendations for Dallas, leave a comment or send me a message.


[NYLO South Side, Dallas]




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