My Summer Diet (And ChEATs Bucket List)

It took me almost an hour every single night this week to drive home from Barry’s Bootcamp in Midtown due to torrential rains, my hair refuses to remain in any style other than a poofy bun, and my general disposition could be best described as humidity induced malaise.

Yup, it’s summer in Miami again.

Though it may not initially feel like it, June provides the unique opportunity to explore our Magic City anew, free of snowbirds and tourists.

As we enter the midpoint of the year, we are given an invitation to refresh ourselves and reevaluate what we vowed to do in January, chiefly, asking where did we succeed, and what remains to be done?

Overall, I am pretty proud of my progress in terms of overall lifestyle improvement, particularly since the beginning of 2016.

My fitness/weight loss journey has/had been up and down; I decided to start losing weight in April of 2015, and I’ve lost about 40 pounds since then, while also gaining about 10 pounds of muscle. But most of those changes have really been since January 2016, as I gained back most of the initial 20 pounds I lost last spring during the following summer of 2015, and then didn’t get serious about trying to lose that weight again (and then some) until the New Year.


[April/May 2015 vs. April/May 2016]

For my entire life up until January, my weight loss strategy had been to be very extreme about my diet/calorie count and moderate to casual to non-existent regarding a fitness regime. Now I would say that I take more of the opposite approach.

I try to work out every day, and only take a rest day if I really need it physically or my work/travel schedule is truly insane. Most days, my work outs are what keep me feeling sane and grounded amidst everything else, and I feel like I need my workouts just as much as food.

As everyone knows, you can’t out-train a bad diet and ~abs are made in the kitchen~. But, I generally find that when I am working out to the point that I am literally screaming, “MOTHERFUCKER, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK”** out loud , while a sick Beyonce remix drowns out my pleas for mercy, I have little to no appetite for “bad food” afterward.


[When your trainer looks like this, it behooves you to listen to him. Even if a few f-bombs get thrown around. Love you, bae!]

I do let myself have pizza or frozen yogurt once or twice a week, if I find myself having a strong craving for it after work or on the weekend. I don’t keep anything like that in the house though, and if I find that I can resist it and it’s not a level 9/10 craving but more of a 6/10 boredom desire, then I stay at home and eat a piece of fruit or egg whites or something instead.


[Thinking about whether I really want pizza, or not]

I don’t count calories, and I let myself eat as much as I want. After one really intense workout this week, I had 3 avocados and 2 apples and a protein shake and one snack size thing of peanut butter for dinner. That probably sounds excessive, but I burned over 1,000 calories in that one workout, and my body was literally craving more, so I ate until I felt sated.

If I am going out with friends, I let myself indulge if I truly want to, if it is a special or unique or favorite dish of mine. I try to ask myself if eating that item would make or break my experience at the restaurant. If it would, in theory, bother me that I left Michael’s Genuine without sampling their latest dessert, or abstained from the churro waffles at the Wynwood Diner when I really, really did want them, then I order that item and enjoy it and feel no guilt.

But if I am just mindlessly about to eat the entire mediocre bread bowl because its there, or order the waiter’s recommended dessert because everyone else at the table is but I don’t reallyyyy even like cake, I try to take a moment to be mindful and abstain.


[Eating an apple after LIV. I know this was post going out because my ~*~lash game is on point~*~. However, historically, apples have not been my after-club comida of choice]

On an average day, I only have the following items in my refrigerator and pantry, so that I don’t overeat or snack out of boredom.


-Egg Whites


-Apples (99% of the time they are Granny Smith)

-Snack size (250-270 cal) peanut butter containers

-Fresh Express or other pre-made salad mixes

-Olive oil


-100 calorie flatbread (only sometimes)

-As many 2L bottles as I feel like carrying of Pellegrino and Perrier


-Sugar snap peas

-A pint of Arctic Zero (usually purchased on Sunday, to consume on the couch, while simultaneously consuming the latest Game of Thrones ep #alannisteralwayseatshisdieticecream)

I am sure it looks woefully bare to an outsider, but unfortunately, I can’t control myself if I have a kitchen stocked with amazing treats.

I have protein bars (usually Think Thin , Pure Protein, or Quest brand) and/or protein shakes every day (Lean One vanilla from Smoothie King, usually as a meal) and I buy them on the go, usually right after a workout, so that I am not tempted to have more than one serving.

I probably have too many lattes and cappuccinos at work, but it is hard to say no when the machine is right next to my office, and they’re free, and I am desperately undercaffeinated. I am working on trying to replace them all with green tea, but the ratio remains imperfect for now.

When I go to Starbucks or Pasion de Cielo, I am almost always more mindful, and get a double espresso or a cold brew with almond/soy milk. I also love the Emperor’s Cloud and Mist tea from Starbucks, or the matcha tea from Teavana.


[A pool side pumpkin salad at the Beverly Hilton, a few weeks ago]

As you can tell by now, the title of this post was kind of a troll, because I am not on any specific diet for any season.

Instead, I have tried to adopt as many healthy habits as I can, while leaving space for occasional indiscretions of the caloric kind.


[With Aubrey, after a transformative SoulCycle class last week! <3]

I still would like to lose 20-30 more pounds, but I want to do it slowly and permanently.

Now that we have reviewed my mostly ~*~viRtUouS~*~ habits, it’s time for some MIAMI VICES.

Here is what I am looking forward to indulging in this summer, while in the 305.

Let me know what is on your Miamz bucket list or if you want to link up and try out any of the below activities together:

[Aw Yeah] Summer ’16 [In The ‘305]

– Dinner/pool time at The Setai

-Spa day at The Mondrian or Viceroy, for Miami Spa Month (really need a partner for this!!)

-Salty Donut eaaaats

-Dinner at Faena House, followed by a bomb Damien Hirst selfie

-Jet Set Pilates classes

-LIVing it up, preferably on nights when Drake is also in VIP***

-SoulCycle theme rides followed by laying out at the 1 Hotel rooftop (not a ~new~ activity for me, but such a beloved one!)

-Exploring The Coral Gables Museum after CoGa SoulCycle one day (any other #soulsistas interested?)

-Channeling Esther Williams during a pool day at The Biltmore in Coral Gables

-Riding CitiBikes to Key Biscayne, from my new apartment in Brickell!!!


**after the millionth set of backward lunges with 15 lb weights in each hand followed by a 30-second pulse or incline sprints at the end of our third 10 minute run of the day or whatever other sadistic things are occurring with resistance bands and medicine balls. Sorry, current and prospective employers, but I do openly admit to having quite a colorful vocabulary after countless sets of burpees and plank pushups!

***So that Summer ’17 will be the season for Toronto’s most epic wedding… All blog readers invited if/when I become Mrs. Aubrey Graham. Pre-nupital SoulCycle ride! Max as ring bearer! Ceremony dress by Oscar de la Renta, followed by a Givenchy freakum dress at the reception! Nicki and Kanye as surprise performers!



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  1. michaelzubi says:

    This was so good. :*


    1. cmdstyle says:

      Thanks, love! Eagerly awaiting the next installment of your Miami fitness series… 💪🏼

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  2. Theresa Kovacs says:

    Love this Blog and love the diet, you are looking great and love this photo on the left. Love, Nanny ❤


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