Actively Saving On Activewear

Last December, before I started working out, my best friend, Kari came to visit me in Miami.


[Yin and yang]

Kari and I met when we were paired as roommates in Spain, and even amidst cien pecaditos, she annoyingly managed to be perpetually skinny and fit. While the rest of us were gaining 15 pounds in 3 months on a steady diet of Nutella and rebujitos, Kari was making her mom send her kettlebells from the United States, in a box that cost $80 to ship, so she could do deadlifts next to my wine-guzzling (and later, passed out)  figure.

I’m going on a run, she would shout, as I tried on semi-sheer Zara tops with a glass of sherry in my hand, in preparation for a 6,392-calorie date with a Spainard.

Want to come?

Que, no.

That said, Kari has always been one of the most positive, loving, and encouraging people I know, in regards to my own self image and fitness goals (or lack thereof).

She was the one who first recommended that I try Barry’s (though let’s be real, I really just wanted to emulate Kim). Furthermore, she’s probably my only friend who is genuinely interested in listening to me analyze which brand of protein bar has the best calories vs. protein grams ratio.


[Our forced 16km hike through the countryside of Spain]

Anyway, as I was giving Kari a tour of my townhouse last December, I showed her a bare closet in my master bathroom. She had just seen my packed master closet, shoe closet, and winter clothes closet, and was expecting an analogous avalanche of items.

“What’s this one for?”, she asked, right before I opened it.

“This is my activewear closet”, I announced. From floor to ceiling were empty shelves, festooned with one or two baggy, oversized WWE tee-shirts. Splayed nearby were a couple of black, stretched out leggings hanging gruesomely on the floor, like victims of an unsuccessful war on obesity.

“This is the saddest activewear closet I’ve ever seen,”  Kari managed to say, in between laughs. She had been anticipating a Khloe Kardashian-esque bazaar of Nike and neon.

Luckily, since last winter, I have become someone who works out every day and now have the wardrobe to reflect it.

As with all types of apparel, I love to get the coolest workout gear, for the least amount possible, so I can kind of justify my beloved $35 SoulCycle and Barry’s classes.

Here are some of my favorite activewear steals right now, so you can be the best dressed girl at the barre, and still afford your bar tab afterward:

Moschino Bra, $39 (originally $130)


This is a crazyyyy deal for a Moschino bra, which was originally $130. I love it because you can wear it to spinning with leggings, or you can wear it to STORY and channel your inner KyMajesty, with a high-waisted leather skirt or jorts and heels.



It is listed as $52 on Shopbop, but use the code, “DESIGNER25” to receive the reduced price.

Nike AirMax 1 Ultra Moire Faux-Suede Sneakers, $48 (originally $160)


One of my biggest secrets for finding amazing activewear from premium brands on the cheap is Net-A-Porter. Net-A-Porter has everything from $61,000 clip-on earrings by Fred Leighton to $9,000 Chloe beach dresses which look like they belong on the Anthro sale rack. But buried within the layers of (occasionally overpriced) luxe are some really great steals!

In the past few months, I’ve purchased 3 pairs of Nikes there, including these ^^, for 70% off. They also have Ivy Park for under $20 and Bandier-esque brands for 50%-70% off, such as this stunner…

Monreal London Signature Printed Sports Bra, $66 (originally $220)


Sometimes all it takes for my body to get  off the couch mid-Bravo marathon and onto a Barry’s treadmill is knowing that I have a cute and comfortable sports bra to wear. This one, by premium brand Monreal London, would definitely do the trick!

I particularly love the zipper action, as it gives you the option to be a little flirty, if you’re like me and have more cleavage to show off, than cut obliques.

Trina Turk Pop Floral Mesh-Back Sports Bra, $24 (originally $60)trinat

An even more cost effective, yet equally as fun, sports bra option is this Trina Turk piece. I’ve only ever purchased bikinis from this designer, yet it makes total sense that she has translated her colorful aesthetic to athleisure.

Spiritual Gangster Retro Peace, Love, Yoga Tank, $26 (originally $42)


I have tried unsuccessfully to make myself (peace) love yoga. With the exception of Y7’s hip-hop themed yoga classes in LA/NY and Exhale Chill Yoga at Exhale Spa (aka stretching and affirmative words with props), there aren’t really yoga classes which I look forward to. Namast-ehhh.

That said, on the rare occasion that I am feeling zen in downward-facing dog, I would like to do so in this cute tanktop, which vaguely mirrors the SoulCycle Pride collection, at a fraction of the cost.

Moschino Printed Sports Bra, $45 with promo code “DESIGNER25” (originally $150)mosc

I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of this stopwatch-printed sports bra by Moschino which I just ordered. Ideal for setting the pace for an intense interval training session with your trainer, or perhaps, walking around Whole Foods in leggings and full makeup, hoping to meet your future husband in the ancient grains aisle.


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