Best of Miami: Aw Yeah, Summer ’16

I started off the season with a yearning for the summers of my past, endless stretches of sleep, sand, and unexpected adventure.

Little did I know, this nostalgic wish would come to manifest itself as reality yet again, with South Beach replacing Compo Beach, and lunchtime acai bowls in lieu of sticky peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

How do we measure success? Is it by hours clocked in at the office each day, projected ROI, 401K account balances?

What about friends who turn into family, losing 15 more pounds, falling asleep every night with a smile on your face?

If we choose to define success by the latter, I had a truly successful summer.

Here are some of my highlights:



[The September Issue on a September beach day]

My second trip to Faena, this time just to go the beach, solidified my belief that it is the best hotel in Miami right now, bar none. The service is impeccable, with each team member making you feel like 305 royalty.


[I’m so Insta-you *Ariana voice*]

In fact, the service is so spot-on, that it may make you question whether or not the employees are real people, or actually an army of androids engaging in an elaborate perfect hospitality-themed performance art piece for Art Basel Andromeda Galaxy.

Complimentary carafes of water are periodically brought to you by staff. Other gastronomic indulgences are not quite so fiscally palatable, such as $20 coconut waters and $120 mojito pitchers. I opted to channel my inner Nicole Richie circa 2009 and abstain from any non-agua consumption, for the sake of my Chase checking account. However, some of my more baller friends indulged in libations, lobster quesadillas, and lettuce wraps, and raved about the quality.

[Eat, Pray, Snore]

The water was Caribbean clear, and comfortably warm. The sand of Faena Beach is unexpectedly rocky, but manageable. The beach itself is almost vacant, as you have to be a hotel guest or Faena House resident to sit under one of their signature red and white pommed umbrellas.

Everyone else who was there was twice our age and appeared to be either an aging rockstar/groupie or perhaps a 90’s software tycoon turned aspiring shaman. #aestheticgoals


Obviously, SoulCycle!

So many perfect days this summer began with me being woken up by a text from Reed or Willie, inviting me to kick off my day with the ideal juxtaposition of kinetic energy, community, and inspiration.


[YASSSSS, preach!]

All summer I have been working on my #revengebodywithreed. Reed isn’t afraid to tell me when I am not putting enough resistance on, or my form is slacking, or any other bodily critique. Whenever I go to his class, I know I am expected to do my very best (or get called out on the mic).

In the words of Reed, “I connect with my riders by talking to them. I am putting everything I can into my class, so I expect you to do the same.”

Like Tyra, Reed is telling you this because he loves you and was rooting for you (WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU).

Also, like Tyra, if you #ridewithreed, you may just have a model bod by the end of summer. I’m not quite there yet, but I have lost an additional 15 pounds since Memorial Day Weekend.


[After SoulCycle, rocking the Moschino sports bra that I recommended here]


I have been LIVing my best life this summer, thanks to Dave Grutman and various EDM DJs.

Although I am never one to turn down a fun night at STORY, Basement or Rockwell (in that order), LIV serves #clublife moments at a level unparalleled by anywhere else in the world, except maybe Ibiza.


[Also, never one to turn down a step and repeat]

One particularly fun night was during the Olympics, where dancers and staff were outfitted in R-rated iterations of various country uniforms, while an elaborate rings model dangled from the sky. I am pretty sure the Rio mascot made an appearance too.


[One of my fave LIV partners]

An average night at LIV involves Broadway-esque costuming, confetti cannons, custom inflatables, and of course, the anticipated models-and-bottles. And that’s just a regular night. For special occasions, there is no telling who or what may occur.

LIV is not only a night out, but a full-on experience. Don’t miss out if you’re in Miami.








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