Shopping For The Suitcase (And Snapchat)

There is something about booking a vacation which practically mandates you to splurge on a new wardrobe. Frenemies may glaze over that Snapchat of you at a blah bar in Murray Hill or yet another group Insta at the tired Italian place you always frequent, but you better believe that the second you hashtag #mykonos or #vegasbaby, you will fall under intense fashion scrutiny.

Accordingly, I was super flattered and excited when my cousin booked a spur of the moment Eurotrip and asked me to style her for her 10 day voyage. I myself had just  booked a trip to Nashville for a Chainsmokers concert/Hallotwinning weekend with my BFF, Kari, so we both had some shopping to do. Given our diametrically opposite destinations, almost every type of clothing was a potential match for both of us, whether it fell into the bucket of chic, sophisticated travelwear (for Chloe) or over-the-top moments (for me).

Here are some of our top finds. Can you guess who bought/considered buying which items?

Zara Frayed Blazer, $69


This tweedy Chanel knockoff is the perfect compliment to any lazy jeans, tee, and boots travel look, rendering you instantly polished. I own the same jacket from last year’s collection and have worn it approximately 982 times. Personally, I would pair it with this dark denim skinny jean which Chloe also purchased, instead of #90smomjeans.

Mansur Gavriel Mini Leather Backpack, $795


Alexander Wang Alpha Leather Bucket Bag, $437


Though less traditional, there is something very chic about rocking a baby pink bag as temperatures drop, especially in an appropriately autumnal leather. Plus, how can you backpack through Europe without an actual backpack (or bucket bag with backpack like qualities)? Unfortunately, these two choices were not cost effective for this particular inaugural Europe journey, but I had to include them for the more a$$$pirational traveler.

Since Chloe wisely wanted to spend more money on accommodations rather than join the #alexanderwanggang, we opted for this cool Forever21 backpack instead:

Forever 21 Faux Leather Backpack, $27


In contrast, I am considering this Moschino Barbie-esque (yet extremely affordable!) F21 backpack aesthetic for the concert:

Forever 21 Faux Fur Mini Backpack, $19


My trip to Japan last year ignited a minor obsession with anything Harajuku. This mermaid look was a serious contender for a Nashvilleween, though ultimately not my final costume pick. (Paging Soeuraya W. though! #glitterbootynation)

Dollskill Margarita Mermaid Venus Swimsuit, $86


Another strong contender for Ravetober was the below black swimsuit, paired with one of my 38,292 leather skirts. However, I ultimately decided it was too similar to this swimsuit, which I recently wore. When matched with the right accessories though, the below Dollskill garment could be the perfect foundation for a slutty cat/cop/rock n’ roll/witch costume, depending how you style it.

Dollskill Current Mood High Strung Swimsuit, $29


For the more demure (read: boring) betches among us, I would recommend purchasing this Zara bag, which I recently acquired. Whether you are carting around NC-17 ravewear or just a few bottles of Smartwater, SoulCycle leggings, and Nanny-approved prunes, it is an expensive-looking AND expansive day bag. Obviously, it would also be great for a Eurotrip, since it’s basically a mini carry-on. For less than 40 bucks, what more could you want?

Zara Metallic Detail Tote Bag, $39


Another possible selection for myself (~shocking~) was this psychadelic bodysuit which could be either an artistic costume (mourn summer by being The Surf Lodge for Halloween!) or a ravelicious MOMENT. My neck is already only about 4 inches long, so I decided not to go with any ~mock turtleneck~ vibes. But, for those with more ballerina-like limbs, it could be a cool find. I personally would pair it with nude Stuart Weitzman Nudist heels or a similar minimalistic stiletto, and a white leather or latex or quilted mini.

Nasty Gal’s Jaded London Wild Drip Bodysuit, $68


One of my biggest fashion secrets is about to be revealed.

Lord & Taylor has THE BEST shoe sales. Once I bought 9 pairs of designer shoes for ~$250. Unfortunately, there is only one L&T in the Sunshine State and it’s all the way in Boca, so I shop there a lot less now that I am a ~Floridian~. But when I do need a great pair of shoes and I have a little time to wait for them to be shipped, L&T is my top pick for heels, boots, and flats.

Case in point, these Karl Lagerfeld Paris flats for S26!!!!! I would probably drive to Boca right now to buy them, if they were available in my size. Perfect for running around both Champs d’Elysee, or a downtown Nashville dive.

Karl Lagerfeld Paris Dutot Buckle Leather Flats, $26







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