Miami Fitness Crush: Mark Strong


If you want abs that ache for days, but give you the confidence to rock that crop top that’s been sitting in your closet for weeks, you have to take a class with Mark Strong.


Mark and I met through mutual ~fitness friends~ and immediately bonded over our love of Bad and Boujee, tall men, and the garlicky kale at Whole Foods (in that order).

A former ballet dancer and occasional model (did you catch him posing anonymously in a SPECTRUM exhibit at Art Basel?), Mark brings form, discipline, and perfect posture to his megaformer classes at JetSet Pilates.


Since I not so secretly want to be someone’s Art Basel muse as well, I grilled him on his wellness tricks and tips over some cocktails/mocktails at the EAST Hotel.


This is what Mark advised:

1) “Don’t consume chemicals; if you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it”

2) “Don’t eat after 8PM, ever”

[Editor’s Note… still working on this one!]

3) “To boost your metabolism, take shots of Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar three times per day and generously drink a detox water throughout the day (water distilled with cayenne pepper, lemon, and tumeric)”

4) “The regimen for your perfect body is 3 classes of JetSet Pilates or other toning per week, 2 days where you do strength training and cardio, and 1 day off.. If you follow this schedule for 3 weeks, you will see major changes!”

5) “Most importantly, don’t hold back from trying new things because of insecurity. I was always insecure about my voice because I was bullied for having a more feminine voice throughout my life. I never thought people would want to hear me on a microphone instructing them. But I forced myself to push through that, and now I feel comfortable and confident every time I teach!”

[Editor’s Note: He is calm, cool, and collected throughout class, a true professional who knows how to blast the Yeezy when you’re at your breaking point, and encourage you to perservere. Book Mark’s class here, and see for yourself!]






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  1. Very good information, love the Blog Caitlin, go for submitting your draft.


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