How I Fit Into A Size 4 Dress and Got Glowier Skin

This weekend, I wore a size 4 MSGM dress, which was a huge deal to me since I haven’t been able to fit into anything that size since like, 2012.


[~The dress~]

Normally, I would never even attempt try that size on. I accidentally tried on the size 2 (!!!) at Neiman Marcus/RTR in San Francisco because it was listed as a “38” and I was having a blonde/jetlagged moment and thought an Italian 38 was a size 8, which is more of my normal dress size.

I literally had to actively resist embracing the sales associate when she was like, “Oh, the 2 looks great on you” I did actually threaten to hug her, which, for anyone who knows me IRL, is a serious situation. As in, I was without a doubt cracked out on endorphins.

Anyway, the 2 did fit (sorry, just had to say it one more time) but I would’ve needed to wear Spanx and as much as I wanted to be THE GIRL IN THE SIZE 2 MGSM DRESS, I wanted to be able to breathe/pee all night too.


[When you don’t have a significant other, so you take SAD! mirror pics by yourself before the club. Dress: MGSM, Bag: Comme des Garçons, Shoes: BCBG Max Azria]

Alas, I went bathing suit shopping today and faced the cruel realization that I am not truly a size 2 OR 4. But for one night, I was and that will be enough to fulfill me for at least 3-5 more business days.

Though it felt incredibly serendipitous, my halcyon size 4 moment of 2017 was no mere accident or act of good genes. Circa March of 2015, I was walking around the Pembroke Pines outdoor mall looking for a suit for a last minute interview. The only suit in the entire mall that fit me was a size 14, and it didn’t even look good. I remember feeling SO bad about myself, and so annoyed that I spent over $200 on an ugly outfit that I looked fat in. At that time in my life, I never believed it would be possible for me to wear a small size again, and that as much as I love fashion, most of my sartorial choices would be guided by what fit me rather than what I truly loved to wear. But, after a many-months-long (and distinctly NOT SPONSORED) collaboration with SoulCycle, Classpass, unemployment/late 20’s angst, AND most importantly, a vegan diet, I was able to once again WEAR A SIZE 4 and not a 14.


[2015 and a size 14 vs. 2017 and a quasi size 4. Is this almost a Kylie Jenner-esque transformation? Almost? All I need is Makeup by Joyce, Jen Atkin, Juvederm, and a littleeee lipo.]


[Basking in the glow of being an occasional size 4 today, 2/20/2017]

Adapting a vegan diet was something I always said I would do when I had a private chef or I had the time. Now I have one of those two things (still waiting for the chef!), so I was starting to run out of excuses.

There is nothing more important to me than my dog, Max. Other than when I am traveling, my every day at home starts and ends with him, which is the biggest ~blessing~ in my life. As an animal lover and devout (obsessive?) pet parent, it became increasingly difficult for me to ignore the ethical impact of eating dairy. I have been a vegetarian for my entire life, but eating dairy products also contributes to the violent and inhumane factory farming industry. 



At the end of a lot of yoga classes, we close with saying aloud, “May all beings be happy and free.”  It is hard to say that statement with integrity and honesty, if you are directly contributing to the torture and murder of innocent living beings each time you get a little hungry. 

With that in mind, about 3 months ago, I decided to cut dairy out completely and make a commitment to being a vegan. Overall, I was surprised by how quickly my dairy cravings subsided. I haven’t had cheese or butter once since November, and I distinctly loved both of those things for most of my life.

I want to be real and honest, so here’s the scoop. I *have* had a few PMS dessert emergency slips because it’s quite difficult to find decent vegan chocolate when you’re being a psycho at 1AM and the only place which is open is 7/11. Also, I do still have some leather bags and shoes which I can’t bring myself to give away, but I am trying to be as vigilant as possible about wearing cruelty free clothing (such as some amazing faux pieces from brands like Saloni, Giamba, and Unreal Fur).

No one is perfect, and unlike some vegans, I think it’s better to be 90% vegan or 95% vegan or whatever, than to not even try because you’re scared you’ll have to throw away your favorite Prada boots. The more conscious and compassionate acts you can do, the better off everyone will be. So, start with 90% vegan, and then just keep going. If that’s too much, dabble in Meatless Monday’s for a month, or better yet, challenge yourself to a solid month of being vegan and see how you feel after four weeks. I bet you will be skinnier and more toned, with ethereal skin!

The main complaint which most people have about a vegan diet is that it is “hard”. A lot of things in life are hard, such as being morbidly overweight or having chronic, life threatening illnesses. And yet, people (myself included at one point) continue to eat foods everyday which directly contribute to the development of those legitimately hard problems. 

I don’t really find being vegan to be that “hard”. Does being vegan require you to *sometimes* put in a little more effort in terms of planning your meals or picking a restaurant for the group dinner? Yes, but most worthwhile things in life require thought and planning. I am a considerably lazy person in my personal life (but not professional life so hire me!), and yet I have managed to be a 95% vegan, both at home in Miami and while traveling to NYC, Tampa, and San Francisco. 

I’m far from a registered dietician or health expert. Ergo, I highly recommend checking out additional resources, some of which are listed at the bottom of this blog, so that you can fully do your research regarding how to eat a healthy and balanced plant based diet. However, here are some of ~my~ personal tips and thoughts regarding favorite vegan foods that I consume just about every day. 

Grocery Staples:

Garlicky Kale

I hate when people pretend to loooove kale, because honestly, you don’t. You really don’t. Kale will never be as good as a brownie or pizza or hazelnut gelato.  Except for ~garlicky kale~. It may be better than a crappy brownie. Not an amazing brownie, but a crappy one. It’s that good!

I am lazy (take a shot of ACV everytime I say it in this blog! It’s ~the theme~) so I get my garlicky kale pre-made from Whole Foods. But you can also make your own using this recipe. PS. This dish is a great source of both amino acids and vegan protein!


Lately, I’ve been obsessed with oranges, both blood and navel. For most of my life, I have hated oranges. But now that my palate is more ~clean~ and sensitive, I really appreciate and crave their natural sweetness and Vitamin C. They’re also a great pre/post workout snack since they’re super portable and easy to eat on the go.

Also, after a few days of eating clean and green, the freshly-squeezed orange juice from the fun machine at Whole Foods is a truly indulgent treat. I try not to have it more than once a week or so, since it’s a lot of sugar (and ****ing expensive). But, it is the nectar of the goddesses to me.


I am the laziest “cook” in the world. That’s why I am obsessed with Path of Life frozen quinoa. Their Southwest Quinoa with mango, corn, and beans is my favorite dinner as of late. With 440 calories in the entire 10 ounce bag (and 10g of protein!), it’s filling and pretty low in calories for a dinner entree. If you’re really a calorie queen, the Quinoa and Kale mix is only 360 calories PLUS 12g of protein for the entire 10 oz. bag, and also tastes pretty good. Best of all, it’s easy as hell to prepare. You heat up the bag in the microwave for 3-4 minutes, put it all in a bowl, and bon appetit!


Frozen edamame is another elaborate and impressive dish which I have mastered. Edamame is both delicious and nutritious. Though it has just 189 calories per cup, it manages to pack a whopping 17g of protein per serving as well! Yasss muscle rebuilding, yasss abs.

Wild Blueberries and Cherries

One of my favorite snack foods is a bowl of wild blueberries or cherries. I like to buy the Whole Foods house brand frozen cherries, since fresh cherry season is so short. In terms of blueberries, I prefer Wyman’s of Maine Fresh Frozen Wild Blueberries. Though they are a little more expensive than a generic blueberry, some believe that wild blueberries have special nutritious and spiritual qualities, due to their growing methodology and life cycle.

Medical Medium, Anthony William, explains, “Native Americans observed early on that when wildfire occurred, the only thing tht would grow in its path afterward were wild blueberry plants-in fact, they would come back stronger and healthier than before. This is the source of the wild blueberry’s power: not only can it rise from the ashes, it uses those ashes to benefit. And when frozen, because they are true adaptagens, wild blueberries don’t lose their nutrutional value as some fruits and vegetables do, but instead their nutrition increases . . . They take an adverse circumstance, meet it, and become better for it. When you eat this supernatural fruit, that indestructible essence becomes a part of you.”

Not bad, for a $6.99 bag of fruit, eh? Definitely cheaper than a good therapist and/or Dr. Brandt products.

Mineral Water

We are often willing to do just about anything for good skin, especially as we start to have our birth age edge into numbers we aren’t so willing to disclose. But all of the Botox and bougie/boujee facial treatments of the world can’t fully undo the damage of excessive alcohol consumption. For a variety of reasons, superficial and otherwise, I stopped drinking in December of 2015, and I haven’t looked back. Even though I may be photographed at the Veuve Cliquot Carnival or post a Snapchat of glitzy bottle service being brought out, I myself am never indulging in spirits.

Once in a blue moon I will take a trip to Mocktail Land, but usually I stick to the classic sparkling water with lemon. Bottled mineral water contains up to four times as much calcium and magnesium as regular tap water, as well as sulfides, so unlike, say, ~Fireball~, it’s actually good for you and your pretty skin!

My friends make fun of me because I am always like, “Um, can we get a bottle of Pellegrino?” whenever we are at a club or event with an open bar. #24hourmineralwaterdiet. But trust me that there is nothing chicer or more luxurious than waking up the next day feeling proud of your choices, with clear skin to boot.


[SOBE(r) club life]

Vegan resources:

The Main Street Vegan by Victoria Moran (this is particularly great at addressing supplements and nutrition! BTW, I take a vegan B12 supplement everyday from Whole Foods that tastes like candy and lasts forever)

Medical Medium Life Changing Foods by Anthony William

Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin

Lastly, if I’ve sparked your interest all regarding becoming vegan, not drinking, or both, please feel free to reach out to me at any time. You can contact me through Instagram, @cmdstyle, or leave a comment here with your contact information and I will read it (but not publicly publish it) and send you a message!

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