I started writing about travel, food and fashion in 2012, when I was 22 and freshly out of college, trying to find a job in Spain.

(Young, enthusiastic and unemployed)

Following that experiment, I lived in Fairfield County, Connecticut (right outside of NYC) for a few years, before relocating to Miami, where I cultivated a dual passion for fitness and cafecito. I’m now based in Brooklyn, and work as a freelance strategist in TV/media, which often affords me the opportunity to travel and explore amazing new places, as well as familiar favorite spots.


(Old, persnickety and occasionally employed)

Other random facts/not particular pertinent information:

Once I bought a vintage Dior suit for $7. My ultimate dream vintage find is a grey croc Birkin (*praying hands emoji*) which I purchase for 1/100 of what it’s worth.

I am fluent in Spanish, and I love Spanish cultures, particularly that of the Andalucia region. When inspiration strikes, I work on my novel, which is primarily set in Sevilla.

I have the world’s cutest dog (#adoptdontshop).

My dream dinner party guests are Oscar Wilde, Britney Spears, Dorothy Parker, Nicki Minaj, Alexander McQueen, Marie Antoinette and Andy Cohen.

If I care about you, I will give you THE weirdest nickname(s), and you will love it/them.

I decided to be a vegetarian at age 4, and remain one to this day… Typical Aquarian move. (Update: I’m now 90% vegan)

All photos on my blog are taken by me, unless otherwise noted. Follow me on Insta! @cmdstyle

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