You Betta Werk: Barry’s Bootcamp vs. OrangeTheory Fitness

Here are some of my favorite things right now: Alyssa Edwards (!!!), grapefruits (preferably organic), Kylie Jenner in a cowgirl hat, Colonial-era saltbox houses, The Upside Down,  and HIIT workouts. While I strongly recommend you get acquainted with every item on the above list, I specifically want to chat about the last one, and how…

High/Low San Francisco: The Opulent and Affordable (+ My SF Money Diary)

San Francisco is arguably the coolest and most innovative city in the United States. It also has a reputation for being the most expensive city in America. However, with a few smart tricks, you can channel your future Real Househusband of Silicon Valley and ~hack~ your way into an amazing vacation by mixing and matching high/low cost…

I Bend It All Night: How To Create A SoulCycle-Esque Spin Class At A Regular Gym

My most recent travels have taken me to Nashville, Newark, and Tampa, none of which are particularly renowned for their boutique fitness offerings. [Though Nashville does have a Barry’s Bootcamp!] Fitness experts say that the best cardio workout is whichever workout you do consistently, whether it be running, rowing, or in my case, SoulCycle. For…

Best of Miami: Aw Yeah, Summer ’16

I started off the season with a yearning for the summers of my past, endless stretches of sleep, sand, and unexpected adventure. Little did I know, this nostalgic wish would come to manifest itself as reality yet again, with South Beach replacing Compo Beach, and lunchtime acai bowls in lieu of sticky peanut butter and jelly sandwiches….

The SoulCycle Diaries

It is truly amazing how much you can change your body, and more importantly, your mind, in a few short months. If someone would have had told me last winter that I would complete 11 SoulCycle classes in one week-while sick with a cold-I would’ve looked at them like they were a 21st century Gorgon….