North America

The Life Aquatic: Part One, Sponsored by Airbnb (Miami, Florida Keys), 2017

The Life Aquatic: Part Two, Sponsored by Airbnb (Miami, Florida Keys), 2017

Classic New York vs. Cool New York, The Two-Fold Path (New York), 2016

Where The Boiling Waters Are Found (Mexico), 2016

Doing Dallas: How To Attempt To Have Fun In The Lone-Star State, 2016

Brevity Is The Soul of Miami Neighborhood Guides (Miami), 2016

Ciudad de Los Ángeles (Los Angeles), 2016

Eat, Chill, Learn: A Cheap and Chic Guide to the Design District (Miami), 2016

Brickell Debacle/Miami Master List (Miami), 2016

American Horror Story: Haute-d Hotel (Los Angeles), 2016

Wild About Wynwood: Part One (Miami), 2014

Putting the Chic In Chicago (Chicago), 2015

I Love LA (She Loves You!) (Los Angeles), 2015

5 Favorite Local Spots (Or: How To Get Diagnosed With Gout Before Age 25) (Stamford, CT), 2014

South America

Musings From Medellín (Medellín), 2016

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly In Uruguay (Punta Del Este), 2013

Argentina Is For Lovers (Of Food) (Buenos Aires, Bariloche), 2013

Buenos Aires Bucket List (Buenos Aires), 2013

Patagonia Princess-ing (Bariloche), 2013

Obsessed With Olsen (Buenos Aires), 2013

Shopping the Feria San Telmo (Buenos Aires), 2013

Getting Trolled In Bariloche (Bariloche), 2013


I Asked Him If I Should Get Personal And He Said, “What’s The Point Of Writing A Blog If You Don’t Put Part Of Yourself In It?” (Kamakura), 2015

SAVING IN TOKYO (Tokyo), 2016

Out in Japan We Be Counting That Yen: Part One (Tokyo), 2016


Guest Post: Five Years of Spain (Freethought Global on Sevilla), 2016


T52015 (Miami, Tokyo and Houston), 2015

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